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What was in your box?
The trio box

Tasting notes and descriptions of your cheeses

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The Open Air Dairy is unique in its approach to UK dairy farming. Currently the only large-dairy farm in Europe that is milking cows in the field as they graze, Tom Foot and Neil Grigg are producing milk from pasture fed dairy cows which are milked in mobile milking parlours which follow the cows while they graze in the field! This leads to happy cows and therefore, delicious milk. From this, rich, distinctive handmade cheddar is made just two miles from Tom and Neil’s farm.  (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Cows’ milk)

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Meet the village’s favourite boy, Boy Laity. He is a rich and rustic Camembert style cheese from Curds & Croust of Redruth, Cornwall, with a bold and buttery texture. When ‘the Boy’ is left to mature he will reveal a complex nature and pungent aroma within that rippled rustic rind. This is when the boy is at his best! Cut him open and you will see a river of thick, creamy gooeyness that oozes out across the cheese board. Perfect for baking or on a hunk of baguette with a little drizzle of honey. (Pasteurised, Cows milk)

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Oxford Blue is a soft, creamy full bodied blue with a deep, rich flavour. Oxford Blue is a creamy blue cheese produced for the Oxford Cheese Company who are based in Burford. A creamy full fat soft cheese, which is well veined and has the distinctive tang of blue and an aromatic and spicy flavour with a hint of tarragon. This cheese has a good length so its taste lingers in your mouth. (Pasteurised, Cows' milk)

You will get a minimum of 475g of cheese in this box. All 3 cheeses are pasteurised; number 1 is suitable for vegetarians.

The cheese needs to be stored in an air-tight box at the bottom of your fridge (this stops your cheese from drying out and becoming tainted by other fridge smells!). Hard cheeses will last for up to 2 weeks, soft cheeses will last for a week. For more information please see our FAQ's page.

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