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Here it is. The first MYSTERY BOX of 2024. What you have been waiting for since Christmas. Admit it, you've tried to be good but you're missing your fix of great cheese.


So, to ease you back gently, we have got the MYSTERY BOX for a limited period! Time to enjoy some new cheeses at a great price!!


Once more, you will receive a fantastic MYSTERY BOX containing 3 outstanding artisan cheeses made by some of the best independent British cheesemakers. This is a limited edition box with a very special price of just £12.50.


We have also given you the option to add amazing local homemade Chutneys and Oatcakes to your MYSTERY BOX, created by Ewelina's Home Pantry in the heart of the New Forest. Select this option and receive 2 x 45g chutneys and a pack of oat biscuits with your cheese for just £16.50 (the chutneys and oatcakes are currently retailing at £5.50)


Order by 26th January for delivery before the end of the month.

Minimum weight: 350g.

This box may contain unpasteurised cheese. If you cannot have unpasteurised cheese, please let us know and we can provide a suitable replacement.

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