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What was in your box?
the large box of christmas

Tasting notes and descriptions of your cheeses


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Montgomery Cheddar is the epitome of traditional, unpasteurised, handmade, clothbound, Somerset cheddar. Made by Jamie Montgomery and Steve Bridges using the milk of the Montgomery’s herd of 200 Friesian cows on their farm in North Cadbury, this farmhouse cheddar has been produced by three generations of the family. The cheeses are wrapped in muslin and matured for 12 months to give an authentic, rich and nutty flavour, with earthy, brothy notes and a brittle, broken texture. This is how cheddar should be made and how cheddar should taste. Just close your eyes and you will be transported to a hay barn!! (Unpasteurised, Cows milk)

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Richard Hodgson started making cheese in Queen Bower, on the Isle of Wight, in 2006, with the aim to create a variety of small scale, handmade cheeses for the island. Shortly afterwards, he started winning awards, and now takes just about every drop of milk the farmer can give him. The Isle of Wight Blue is a naturally rinded, blue veined soft cheese made with pasteurised milk. When the cheese is sold at 3- 4 weeks it has a relatively mild blue flavour but quickly accelerates so that, by the time it is at the end of its Best Before date, the flavour will be a lot more spikier than when it was young. Being naturally rinded, it is covered in green, blue, grey and white moulds. These give the cheese bags of character and the variety of surface moulds that grow on the rind will make it stand out on any cheeseboard. (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Cows milk)

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Clare and Chris Moody established Rosary Goats Cheese in 1998 and have been making their soft, fresh goats’ cheese ever since at their premises in Landford on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border. Their Rosary Garlic and Parsley is gorgeously fluffy and creamy with a zesty freshness, a hint of garlic and speckled with fresh parsley, which adds another layer of flavour. You will definitely see why this stand-out cheese was the Supreme Champion at the 2014 British Cheese Awards.  (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Goats milk)

Chris Duckett's family had a farm at Wedmore, Somerset, and started making their Caerphilly in the 1920’s, with Chris himself making since the 1960’s. He devoted himself to preserving the 'genuine article' - something that was in serious danger of disappearing. In time Chris gave up the farming and moved his making to Westcombe Dairy (the cheddar makers) creating this unique arrangement where two great makers share the same space. Chris sadly died in 2009 but Westcombe have continued making Duckett's Caerphilly and so the Duckett family tradition is in safe hands. This version of their Caerphilly, Smoked Wedmore, is naturally oak smoked with chives running through the centre to give a beautiful russet coloured rind and a golden cheese with earthy and woody notes and a lovely smoky flavour. The smoke doesn’t permeate too deeply into the cheese – leaving the zesty and oniony flavours intact – but it adds a lovely bonfire-like fragrance to the softer area under the rind which is absolutely delicious. (Pasteurised, Vegetarian, Cows milk)

Golden Cenarth is a washed-rind cheese made by Carwyn Adams of Caws Cenarth cheese-makers on his family’s farm, Glyneithinog, in Carmarthenshire. Made using the farm’s organic cow’s milk, the cheese is somewhere between an Epoisses and a Reblochon. It is washed in cider as it matures to produce a sticky orange rind that becomes more pungent as it ages. It has a rich, nutty, savoury flavour and is great served at room temperature with a glass of beer. Alternatively, warm it in the oven in its box for 20 minutes to give you a gooey dipping cheese. Heavenly! (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Cows milk)

Hereford Hop is handmade by the incredible Charles Martell, maker of the famous Stinking Bishop as well as Single and Double Gloucester. He invented the cheese in 1990 on the Hunts Court Farm which is a few miles away from the Herefordshire border. The hard cheese is made using natural rennet and full fat pasteurised cows’ milk. Coated with toasted hops, Hereford Hop produces rich, buttery and sharp flavours with grassy and citrus notes together with a slight bitterness from the hops. (Pasteurised, Vegetarian, Cows milk)

You will get a minimum of 1000g of cheese in this box.

The cheese needs to be stored in an air-tight box at the bottom of your fridge (this stops your cheese from drying out and becoming tainted by other fridge smells!). Hard cheeses will last for up to 2 weeks, soft cheeses will last for a week. For more information please see our FAQ's page.

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