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What was in your box?

Tasting notes and descriptions of your cheeses

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Wookey Hole Cheddar starts its life at the Dorset dairy of Ford Farm Cheesemakers, where it is made using milk from local herds. It is then transported to Somerset’s Mendip Hills and the world-famous Wookey Hole Caves. Here it is carried by hand the two hundred feet underground into the caves where it is left to mature for 15 months. It absorbs the essence of the underground world as it ages, developing its distinctive character and earthy, nutty flavour. The cheese’s aroma is a complex mix of creamy, sweet, earthy and farmy, and the flavours are robust and well-rounded with lovely sweet and tangy notes. Pair it with a full-bodied red wine with a big flavour such as a strong Pinot Noir. Enjoy! (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Cows’ milk)

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Made with pasteurised goat’s milk and a vegetarian rennet, Harbourne Blue is a powerful, sharp and salty with a clean, lactic flavour and a distinctive goaty tang. It is made at Ticklemore Dairy in Totnes, Devon, using the milk from nearby Sue and Will Thompson-Coon’s 180 goats farmed at Buckfast on the edge of Dartmoor and is named after a tributary of the River Dart that the dairy overlooks. Ticklemore Dairy make three cheeses, all of which are blue and made in the style of a French Roquefort; Beenleigh Blue is made with sheep milk, Devon Blue is made with cows’ milk and this Harbourne Blue is their goats’ milk version. They have now all appeared in our Box Of The Month and I think this is definitely my favourite!!  (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Goats' milk)

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Bix is made by Rose Grimond and is named after the South Oxfordshire village which is very close to the Nettlebed Creamery where it is made using the milk and double cream from the estate’s herd of 130 cows. This luxuriant triple-crème style cheese, similar to a French Chaource or Brillat-Savarin, has a yellow, buttery paste with a rich texture akin to clotted cream. The flavour is clean with an earthy hint of mushrooms from the rind. Rose is the great-niece of Ian Fleming whose grandfather bought the Nettlebed estate where Bix is made in 1903. Thus, giving you license to enjoy!!  (Pasteurised, Organic Cows milk)

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Lyburn Lightly Oak Smoked is made at Lyburn Farm on the northern edge of the New Forest, using the milk from the farm's 170 Holstein-Friesian herd. It is naturally smoked when just a couple of days old and is matured for up to 3 months. Therefore, it is a young, hard cheese with the typical Lyburn creaminess and is beautifully enhanced by a light, subtle smoky flavour. Properly smoked cheese!! (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Cows' milk, (contains egg))

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